The purpose of the AFGRAD project is to provide high-caliber university education to Africans who will assume critical positions in universities, governmental and parastatal institutions, and the private sector, through which they can contribute to the development of their countries.

AFGRAD alumni are expected to exert a positive influence on the institutions which employ them and to transfer their technical capabilities to others so that the benefits of AFGRAD training will be further multiplied.

USAID’s goals in supporting the project are to :

  • meet the needs of participating African countries for highly-trained nationals capable of contributing to economic and social development;
  • train future leaders for specific positions in the public, academic and private sectors considered essential for development; and
  • enhance the professional, technical and administrative capacity of host country institutions by providing university and postgraduate training to selected individuals.

Courtesy of USAID. Please click here for the full USAID report – USAID Project No. 698-045