Femi Okurounmu Appointed Head of Advisory Committee on National Dialogue

On 1 October 2013, President Goodluck Jonathan appointed Femi Okurounmu the head of an advisory committee to prepare for a National Dialogue, Akilu Indabawa is the secretary of the Committee.

Other members of the committee include Nigeria’s former ambassador to the US, Prof George Obiozo;  legal luminary and constitutional expert, Prof. Ben Nwabueze (who declined the appointment for health reasons); Senator Khairat Gwadabe; Senator Timothy Adudu; Col. Tony Nyiam (rtd), who later resigned from the Committee Prof. Funke Adebayo; Dr. Mairo Ahmed Amshi; Dr. Abubakar Sadiq; Alhaji Dauda Birma; Mallam Buhari Bello; and Mr. Tony Uranta

National dialogue will enhance development – Okurounmu

Sen. Femi Okurounmu believes that the national dialogue was for the good of all Nigerians. He said that the 13-man committee for the national dialogue conference was set up to hear the people’s agitations and make them an agenda for the national dialogue. Femi Okurounmu“The government does not want to impose anything on the people, that is why the committee is set up to hear the views of Nigerians. The committee is also expected to make recommendations to government on how representation of various interest groups at the national conference will be determined, and as well as advise on a timeframe for the exercise as well as the terms of reference, a feasible agenda and structure and modalities for the proposed national conference.
Senator Femi Okurounmu is a member of Africa Future Foundation (AFF).